Tuesday, January 31, 2012

KissinCussin now at HowNowMadamCow!

About KissinCussin...
KissinCussin is the brain-child of cousins Jess Brown and Hayley Maynard. The label, already making waves on the Australian fashion scene since its conception in 2007, was founded out of passion when the girls volunteered to rebuild a small Sri Lankan village in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami.

Jess and Hayley were immediately inspired by the incredible people and chaos of Sri Lanka's famous Pettah markets, where wacky fabrics, quirky buttons and unbelievably cute prints, from flowers to spaceships to umbrellas to apples, cemented the way forward for, soon to be, print based label KissinCussin.

KissinCussin embodies the adventures of two cousins and offers something fresh, colourful and unique. Inspired by the environment, the people of Sri Lanka and a love of freedom, fashion and adventure, the label is a fusion of their two personalities and style and has an ethical outlook. Working closely in Talalla Bay, the cousins use local ladies to sew for them, generating livelihoods and supporting women in far reached communities.

KissinCussin grew from humble beginnings following Cousin Jess and Cousin Hayley's work volunteering to help put Talalla Bay, a small idyllic fishing village on the south coast of Sri Lanka, back on its feet after the tsunami of 2004. The cousins quickly adopted the philosophy that love and even little things can make a huge difference and this was carried through with the conception of their label, KissinCussin. Over the eight months that the cousins spent rebuilding the village a strong relationship was forged with the community of Talalla Bay. They left realising there was more that they could do to help and returned a year later and started an ethical production facility with the foundations of their label. They employed just three local ladies to make a small range of dresses and pioneered a dream for the cousins to increase this further. After two years they now employ 12 ladies, a number that will continue to grow with KissinCussin. As demand for the label has increased, the girls have outsourced another ethical production source in Sri Lanka, where they help a different village, in the same way. The work that Jess and Hayley do in Talalla Bay, and other communities, is as much a part of KissinCussin’s structure as the clothing. KissinCussin has developed as a print based label, their fabrics are sourced and hand printed, with unique designs, in Rajasthan India, which fits with their outlook and aspiration to support smaller, cottage industries in the fashion industry.

About HowNowMadamCow...
Mother and daughter duo, Jane and Mim Simpson have realised their dream and launched the newest, chicest online fashion mecca - HowNowMadamCow, promising to be the revolutionary online shopping experience.

With cult brands such as Dallas & Carlos, Meadowlark, WHYRED, Flannel, Purple Ginger, Arabella Ramsay, KissinCussin, Nat Sui, Vintage Princess, Binny, Wildfox and Tolani - HowNowMadamCow is already building towards being a fashion heavy-weight on the net. The brands are sourced from all over the world with an emphasis on Australian and New Zealand fashion, with all the clothing, jewellery and accessories being carefully selected by Mim and Jane to ensure the site features a diverse mix of styles and price points.

Mim is already becoming a ‘voice’ in the fashion industry, blogging on A-Lister’s fashion hits and misses as well as the latest international runway collections. Mim’s finger is constantly on the pulse of fashion and within a very short time of launching, HowNowMadamCow already has a committed following, continuously increasing their devotees of fashion aficionados’ beyond expectations.

Every product sourced has one common theme and that is, Mim and Jane truly believe and love everything that’s for sale on HowNowMadamCow, they are all of superior quality with enduring style.

I have been a fan of KissinCussin for some time now and love looking through their amazing carefree colection. Check out the KissinCussin range at HowNowMadamCow now, and while your there have a squiz through some of the other fab eco companies like Ecoluxe and Jonathan Ward.

Love Miss Green

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