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Tried & Tested - Eco Tan Invisible Tan

Eco Tan pride themselves on being Australia's first and only spray tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain (OFC) under the Australian Government. Eco Tan uses 100% natural ingredients.

After her sister’s melanoma scare, Gold Coast single mother Sonya Driver became not only paranoid about the suns harmful rays, but also the toxic ingredients used in spray tans. After years of researching and formulating, she has made Australian history by creating the first tan to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian government.

Products Eco Tan specialise in professional spray tanning solution Rich Honey and have recently launched a retail range, including:

- Invisible Tan: Luxe Moisturiser application is clear and 8 hours later develops into a beautiful natural tan.

- Tan-Away Gloves: Extreme exfoliator perfect for pre and post tanning

The Verdict…
When I first heard about Eco Tan Invisible Tan I was pretty excited that there was another eco tanning product on the market, because lets be honest the market for eco tanning products is a little slow, which means that the variety is fairly limited. I admit, when I first went to use the product I wasn’t sure what the quality would be like and was really hoping that the outcome would be positive.

The week prior I made sure I exfoliated off all my old tan so I knew that when I applied Eco Tan Invisible Tan, that would be the only colour I could see. I apply all my fake tan with rubber gloves, because even though the colour generally washes off your hands pretty well, after using fake tan as often as I do, your nails start to discolour which is not a good look!

I was hesitant applying Eco Tan Invisible Tan because I am used to using a tanning mouse which has bronzer in the product so you can see where it has been applied, so thought I may miss a few patches and come out blotchy in the morning. Never the less, I applied the product face to toe. Eco Tan Invisible Tan goes on like a moisturiser and doesn’t smell like much at all. I was actually thankful that I wasn’t using a product with a bronzer in it because it didn’t dirty my sheets when I slept with the product on. I only applied one coat and when I woke in the morning I was surprised that the colour was really even and came out as dark as my normal tanning product when I apply two coats, which is impressive! I found the colour to be lovely and natural, with no orange or green tones.

If you have any patches of dry skin I would avoid applying the tan on those areas. I have a patch of eczema on my left arm which came out really blotchy when the tan was applied, blotchier then any other tanning product I have used. I wouldn’t recommend applying the product to your face either, as it really gets stuck in your eyebrows and on any dry skin, again more so then all the other tanning products I have used (even after applying a balm to my eyebrows prior to fake tanning, and wiping off any excess product with a cotton bud post application).

But all in all I am very impressed with the product, would definitely buy it again and wouldn’t hesitate recommending it. The colour is great, and on me lasted a good two days before it started getting a little skanky around the seams (which is normal for me). But when fake tan comes off from my skin it is so much more noticeable because my natural skin is so fair. When the fake tan started looking a little too blotchy for my liking, rather then exfoliating it all of and reapplying, I wanted to see how it would look if I just reapplied another coat, over my existing coat. When I did this the colour came up as good as new, you couldn’t even tell that I had a skanky layer of fake tan underneath, which was impressive!

I love that when you have Eco Tan Invisible Tan on you don’t feel gritty like you do with other tanning products, it literally just feels like you have moisturiser on, which made putting clothes on after and sleeping in it a treat.


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